Dear Werk-aholic,

Motivation …what keeps you going every morning when you hate your job? Lol

– “Destiny”

Dear “Destiny,”

I don’t currently hate my job, but rest assured, I have definitely been there before. In fact, according to Gallop’s 2017 world survey, “85% of the world’s employees are dissatisfied with their job and their boss”, and “70% of American employees are disengaged at work.”

Now, that blows my mind away. But here are four things that I have done to help me stay motivated and productive at previous jobs that I have absolutely hated.

1. Purpose

Whether you plan on being at your job short or long term, remember your purpose for being there. Why are you there? Why did you apply to that job in the first place? Money is an obvious reason, but that shouldn’t be your only reason. Find another purpose that will be your fuel every single morning when you wake up.

2. Gratitude

With gratitude, you’ll be much more satisfied with your job and life. According to Harvard Health Publishing,

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.

When I start hating a job, one thing I like to do is remember where I was before I got the job, how I desperately wanted the job at one point in my life and how happy I was when I got hired.

A question to ask yourself is: would you be able to have the lifestyle that you have had it not been for the job that you hate so much? If that’s a yes… get OUT of there. If not, then you most definitely need to be grateful for what you have until you find something else. Your job is temporary remember that. It can be taken away from you any moment.

3. Opportunity

Think of the job that you hate as the greatest, most fabulous *temporary* opportunity that you have until you find something else.

First, you now know what you HATE and never want to pursue again in the future. You now have an element of self awareness that you didn’t have before.

Secondly, your *temporary* stay at this job is an opportunity to learn as much as possible. Use the time that you have to learn certain skills that you probably won’t have access to anywhere else (especially since you’re probably not going to pursue a job like this again) that will help boost your resume and place you in a position where you will be much more marketable and valuable at your next job. You’ll automatically have a higher pay grade after absorbing all of these skills and information.

This could involve taking advantage of resources that you have free access to as a result of being employed at the job that you hate. For example, a job that I hated provided me with access to, a website where you can learn how to use different software or gain specific skills. If you don’t have free access to technical resources, you still have access to resources – PEOPLE! Ask people in different departments as many questions as you can in order to get the information that you need to grow in other areas. Maybe you’ll be a better fit at the same company in a different department!

Lastly, if you really don’t care about learning anything at your current job, you just HATE it and are thinking about starting your own business, think of the job you hate as a source of funding to launch your dreams.

4. Action!

If you hate your job that much, what are you actively doing to get your ass out of there? Are you complaining (if you’re complaining with no action…. I don’t feel bad for you, sorry not sorry.)? Or are you searching for new opportunities before work, during lunch time and after work? Let your search during your downtime during lunch and after work be your source of  motivation to go to work.

My last piece of advice is to never quit your job until you have a solid opportunity lined whether you plan on working for yourself, or someone else. You don’t want to irrationally quit your job then become broke and homeless.

Challenge of the week

If you hate your job, I challenge you to try one or all of the above suggestions. If you love your job, I challenge you to share this with someone else who may find this information useful.

I hope this answered your question!


Xoxo Werkaholic-09

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